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New Years Day Daniel Bennett Memorial Race

January 4, 2017

New Years Day isn’t exactly when you’d expect to see high octane crit racing, but that’s exactly what happens on the Gold Coast every year. The Gold Coast Goldstars out on a crit honor one of their fallen members, Daniel Bennett who was a high-performance rider from the Gold Coast who was killed on a training ride.

So every year the club puts on a race in his memory that has been won by the likes of Steele Von Hoff, Mat Hayman, and even Gold Coast local and former TDF Green Jersey winner Robbie Mcewen! This year’s race was fast a furious and packed full of big name riders. It was super hot, and by the end of the race riders and spectators alike were suffering.

Check out the gallery below for the A and B grade races.

[envira-gallery id=”2056″]


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Fstoppers Flash Disc review

May 6, 2016

It seems everytime I leave the house my camera bag is heavier and I am always grabbing extra lights, triggers, and batteries. But, when it comes to flash modifiers it can be a tough decision.

Everybody loves softboxes but they’re difficult to transport, especially if you’re shooting somewhere hours away from the car. Umbrella’s are easier to pack but still need to be lashed to the outside of your bag, and don’t play well with gorillapods. For me, the ultimate modifier is something that can be stuffed down the side my camera bag, is lightweight, and doesn’t require much faffing around.

Obviously struggling with the same issues as me, Patrick Hall and Lee Norris from Fstoppers created the Flash Disc.

What is it?


Packaged in a little black zippered bag, the flash disc is a compact 12-inch pop up softbox – think those tents you pull out of the bag and throw into the air to set up.

In its compact state, the Fstoppers Flash Disc can easily be stuffed into small gaps in your camera bag, a pocket or even lashed to the outside thanks to a small loop.

It worth noting the Flash Disc deserves due respect, and nearly gave one of my assistants a black eye. If you’re not paying attention it can slip away from you and ‘pop’ you right in the face.


The back of the Flash Disc sees a grey card and the front is as you would expect white diffusing material. Designed to be universal with speedlights the Flash Disc uses a glorified elastic band to secure the flash head. I’ve yet to find a speedlight that it doesn’t work with but there’s definitely some that fit better than others.


It seems Canon flashes fit the best, their rounded profile slips into the band nicely. Boxy square flashes however do not, and it’s quite fiddly to get square flashes into the disc. I had a fair bit of trouble wrangling the FlashDisc onto my LumoPro LP180 flashes and an ancient Sunbeam Manual Flash.

With that said, once they’re on your light stand will fly away and take a sandbag with it before the Flash Disc leaves your speedlight.

Okay, but do they work?


It’s worth noting again this is a 12-inch softbox and not a huge 40-incher, so they’re not going to produce the same light. Because of it’s size the FlashDisc needs to be quite close to the subject, but it does produce nice soft light.

For portraits and products they’re pretty useful as you can place the FlashDisc just out of the frame but still close enough to reap the benefits of a small modifier.


Photo: Phil Gray

It does take some fiddling around to get the flash discs in the right position when they’re mounted on a static light stand, but if you’ve got an assistant they are awesome. Because they’re small and lightweight it’s no trouble at all to get your assistant to dangle the light with the FlashDisc very close to the subject.

Also due to their feathery nature they pair nicely with Gorillapods, and my favorite thing is to wrap them around a tree branch or pole in a spot you wouldn’t be able to put a standard light stand.

Do you actually use it?

Absolutely! The Flash Disc is extremely versatile and is great for a variety of looks. Check out the gallery below to see how I’ve used the FStoppers FlashDisc. Even when it’s not close enough to for that creamy soft light it still diffuses the flash head nicely for something a bit more dramatic.

[envira-gallery id=”1551″]

The biggest reason that I like to use the FlashDisc’s is they’re so packable. It’s a rare occasion I’m shooting within 5-miles of where I parked my car, and it’s just not practical for me to pack in (and back out) large soft boxes, they just wouldn’t survive. Weighing just 113g adding the FlashDiscs won’t add much to your already heavy pack

As it is I get funny looks riding single track on my mountain bike with my big camera pack and light stands, can you image what people would do if you had soft boxes strapped to my pack?

Final Thoughts

For such a small modifier, the Fstoppers FlashDisc’s pack some serious punch. Whenever I take speedlights with me I always stuff them in my bag. They’ve definitely got their limitations and and $49.95USD they’re also not cheap, but the FlashDisc’s have become an essential part of my kit.

Do you use the FlashDisc’s? What do you think? Let me know in the comments below or on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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Nerang Twilight Criterium

January 15, 2016

Still being quite new to the Gold Coast, it was about time to check out what the local cycling community has to offer. First stop the Nerang Twilight Criterium, a weekday race for the locals to stretch their legs.

In addition to an outdoor velodrome and what appears to be a large trail network, there is a pretty schmick dedicated criterium track at Nerang.

There was some serious firepower out and about with a few NRS teams represented, and even a certain U23 National Champion. So far I’m pretty impressed at what the Gold Coast has to offer and I will definitely be back.

Check out the gallery below

Nerang Twilight Criterium

[envira-gallery id=”1555″]

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MWCX Cyclocross Final Round 2015

August 28, 2015

All things must come to an end, and so here in Australia ‘cross season is wrapping up — it’s been an exciting one.

But to top the craziness from CX nationals there would have to be an act of god — and there was, sort of. In preparation for the warmer months the New South Wale Fire Service was conducting massive back burns in the area.

These intentional wildfires created a heap of thick smoke, which even caused a main road to be closed due to reduced visibility. Lucky for the riders the wind was not blowing the smoke over the course. Even still with choppers taking off and landing right next the to racers it made for a pretty unique afternoon of skinny tires and dirt.

Check out the gallery below for all the action from the day and don’t forget to check out @colinlevitch on Twitter and Instagram and Colin Levitch Photography on Facebook.


[envira-gallery id=”1564″]



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