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Lindfield Rocks

May 31, 2015

Straying from the dirtbag lifestyle, climbing in Sydney is a far cry from the infamous camp four in Yosemite. While the the rock formations in the metropolitan area swoon in comparison to El Cap, at least the climbers here have not reached the highest level of Brandon Leonard’s 5-types of B.O.


20150530_7720_CLevitch_ScruffClimb 20150530_7718_CLevitch_ScruffClimb 20150530_7713_CLevitch_ScruffClimb-Edit 20150530_7712_CLevitch_ScruffClimb

20150530_7674_CLevitch_ScruffClimb-Edit20150530_7710_CLevitch_ScruffClimb  20150530_7699_CLevitch_ScruffClimb 20150530_7698_CLevitch_ScruffClimb 20150530_7696_CLevitch_ScruffClimb


20150530_7671_CLevitch_ScruffClimb 20150530_7670_CLevitch_ScruffClimb-Edit-Edit

20150530_7655_CLevitch_ScruffClimb 20150530_7654_CLevitch_ScruffClimb



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