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Sram Queensland CX Round 1 2017

May 17, 2017

Cyclocross season is upon us, and here in Queensland, it kicked off with a night race at the Old Chandler Velodrome. As usual, it was serious without being too serious, and the organisers createdツquite an ultimatum for the racers. Either, you had to wear a costume or complete a ‘special task’ during one of the laps in the seeding race. This ‘special task’, was to pull into the pit, take your front wheel off, eat a doughnut, spin around, and fit your front wheel and get back to the race.

There was also a four-man relay where the baton was actually a funny helmet cover which needed to be transferredツbetween team members after each lap Needless to say, there were Shenanigans.

Shenanigans ensued.

Being that it was dark, I saw this a perfect opportunity to set up a few flash traps, where essentially you point to flashes at each otherツand when a rider comes through, BANG! It gives you that ‘in the studio’ look without being anywhere near a seamless backdrop or cranky studio managers that dislike fun things like mud, dust and knobby tires.

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