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Black Sheep Cycling Night Riders

April 11, 2017

Black Sheep Cycling put on an unsanctioned crit under the lights over the weekend. With 20min heats it was full gas right from the start, and on a technical course, which made for some exciting racing.

Being that it was under the lights, it also proved to be the perfect opportunity to see how my Lumo Pro LP180 flashes perform in the hot shoe. These speedlights are designed to be used off camera and even have a Phottix Odin trigger built in, they also don’t offerツTTL, high-speed sync or rear curtain sync without the Odin transmitter. Basically, they only work as a quite powerful manual flash when used in the hot shoe.

That also meant I could only use a shutter speed of 1/200 max because that’s the fastest my Canon 5DMKiii will sync. This isn’t near fast enough to freeze action so it meant I had to rely on the flash duration to capture the action, it also meantツI could play around with some ghosting for something a bit artsier than I usually aim for.

Check out the gallery below to see the results


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