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Peak Design Clutch first shoot review

December 18, 2017

I am a big fan of Peak Design camera straps. They are comfortable to wear, but the real drawcard for me is their customisability with the quick release system.


Using the brand’s Anchor Links you can swap out camera straps or attach them to different parts of the camera quickly yet securely. They are light, small and tough, and I literally have them attached to everything.

The Clutch isn’t a traditional strap per say, but more of a hand strap which utilizes this system.


Quite often you don’t need a strap, and especially with one of my most used bags the Mindshift rotation 180 Horizon the camera insert is a bit tight and a strap actually gets in the way when you’re trying to quickly access your gear.When I use this bag, I often run strapless, but I am always terrified I’m going to drop my camera, and the Clutch seems to alleviate that fear.

I’ve been using Peak Designs nifty hand strap for a few weeks now and it literally has not left my camera body since.

No drops

First and foremost the Clutch allows you to ditch the strap and provides a sure grip at all times. If you cinch it right down over your hand you don’t even really have to grip the camera.

In use, I prefer the Clutch to be a bit loose as when I sinch it down I struggle to reach the AF-ON button on my 5DMKiii with my thumb.When not shooting you can also use the Clutch as a handle to carry the camera with.

So far, the only real complaint I have about the Clutch is that it takes up the attachment point on the right side of the camera, and doesn’t utilize the Anchor Links.When I do use a strap I prefer to have it attached to the top camera anchors, bar when I’m using a long lens, and with the Clutch attached there is no room on for an Anchor Link.This is only a minor complaint given that the Clutch also utilizes the Capture plate that’s always on my camera anyway, where a shoulder strap can be attached.

The build quality seems top notch and the Clutch’s exterior is made from the same material as whitewater rafts and the hardware is made from Aluminium.

I’ve only just got the Clutch and I’ll be spending some quality time with it over the next few months. Be sure to check back for a full review.

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Peak Design

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